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Tips on Selling
Putting your property on the market!
Putting your property on the market is a huge decision. If you are unsure about what price to list your property at, the contact is today for a full appraisal. We will provide you with an honest approach backed up by current sales evidence to help you achieve your goal.

Presentation is paramount when you list your property. First impressions are everything to a prospective purchaser.

Put yourself in the buyers position. What will they see? Here are some tips…

• Avoid clutter. Give your home the feeling of spaciousness.
• Keep the home light and inviting
• Use a painting consultant to freshen your home if needed.
• Keep your home tidy – the less distractrions for the prospective purchaser the better.
• Keep the yard tidy, especially around the front entrance.
• The kitchen is very important in a home. Ensure there is no clutter here, including fridge magnets.
• The bathroom is also important. A bathroom should sparkle and any damaged screens should be replaced.
• Fresh flowers always look and smell great!!